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这个秋天澳大利亚对我们来说再熟悉不过了, 从“十二道锋味”到“爸爸去哪儿”的收官之旅。澳大利亚都以原生风景,生猛海鲜和热情吸引着我们。大家熟知的悉尼歌剧院,袋鼠,考拉, 我们就不提啦,说一说大家不太了解的, 走喽!

This autumn, Australia cannot be more familiar with us, from "Chief Nic” to “Dad, where are we going”, Australia attracts us with its native landscape, fresh seafood and enthusiasm. We are not going to talk about Sydney opera house, Kangaroo or koala, we will tell you something different.


Australia is located in the southern hemisphere, so seasons there are different from China, and it is now spring. If you want to watch the sea, dive or watch lavender, you’d better wait for another month, the right period being from Dec. to Feb. in the eastern part of Australia.


But the sun is fierce for the whole year, so the use of sun screen is a priority, otherwise other people may think that you just back from Africa.


Western Australia is a great place to view Aboriginal culture, birds and fish lungfish.


South Australia is the heaven of wine; Shiraz, Grenache, Pinot Noir, you name it. Please don't say Bordeaux. If you are a critical patient of selection syndrome, there are wine tasting classes to teach you how to choose the one you love. To all the alcoholics, oh no, alcohol lovers;-) isn’t it a lovely place? Just wonder you areresting in the Barossa Valley, running in the Yarra Valley, and breathing in thefruit flavor... Oh, I just got a little bit drunk…

但是如果你有颗童话的心,就去圣灵群岛,这还是通往大堡礁的门户之地。其中的海曼岛(hyman island)是全球最负盛名的婚礼蜜月旅行圣地之一,土豪们请随意。

If your heart of fairy tale is still alive, then go to the Holy Spirit islands, which is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. The Hayman Island is one of the world's most prestigious wedding honey moon resort.

除了常见的白色沙滩,碧海蓝天, 大自然造就的心形礁(heat reef)让小编的公主心也萌动了。不说了,直接上图。

In addition to the common white sandy beaches, blue sky, the heart Reef nature created by nature inspired my Princess heart sprout. Saying is not enough, look at the picture!

还有别一提熏衣草田就想到普罗旺斯好不好,澳大利亚还有面积达256公顷的飘丝薰衣草农庄(bridestowe lavender estate),这可是薰衣草小熊的故乡呢。

When it comes to lavender, please forget about Provence, meanwhile, in Austrilia, there is a 256 Hectare of Bridestowe lavender estate, it’s the hometown of lavender bear.


The Great Ocean Road, one of the most beautiful coastal highway in the world.  The road winds nearly 250 KM from Torquay to Allansford, on oneside is rain forests, on the other side is the golden sand andstone, e.g. the twelve apostles, the great ocean road becomes shockingly magnificent, the twelve apostles rock plating on the holy light, like the pious, silent prayer.

乌鲁鲁艾尔斯岩石, 世界上最大的单体岩石,位于澳大利亚的中心,被认为是澳洲的灵魂与心脏,是一块不容侵犯的圣石,除了举行成年仪式或祭祀活动,阿南古人不希望人们随意攀登。

Uluru Ayers Rock, the world's largest single rock, located in the center of Australia, is considered to be the souled heart of Australia. It’s considered to be a piece of inviolable sacredstone; except for adult ceremony and ritual activities, Anan the ancients don’t want people to climb it.

说完狂野的,咋们来说说现代文明-墨尔本。据2015年全球宜居城市排名,墨尔本连续第四年都是第一,要知道魔都-上海才排78啊。他更具有雄心壮志要在2020年实现零排放,也就是说商业楼宇的能源消耗要减少50%。我们来举个例子看看他们都做了什么?例如墨尔本新市政厅早在2005年就获得了澳大利亚绿色建筑委员颁发的六星级-最高级别啊! 这幢世界级领先的绿色办公建筑比老楼节电达85%,节约水达72%,而单方二氧化碳的释放量仅为老建筑的13%,可以说是世界范围可持续发展办公建筑的经典作品。

After the wildness world, let’s talk about the modern civilization - Melbourne. According to 2015 global livable city rankings, Melbourne ranked No.1 for the fourth consecutive years, you got to know Shanghai is ranked 78. His ambition is to achieve zero emissions before 2020, that is, the energy consumption of commercial buildings shall be reduced by 50%. Let's check what are they doing? For example, the Australian Green Building Council awarded the new city hall (CH2) six stars - the highest level.The leading building saves 85% electricity, 72% water than the old building, while only release 13% of carbon dioxide of the old building. It can be said to be the world's classical example of sustainable development office buildings.


Let me tell you something about world green building council:


There is a group of data about CH2:


Philosophy of the architect

市政厅的设计为“生物模仿”这场建筑领域的新运动做了示范——模仿自然,减少对环境的影响。 这种理念可以视作对大城市里现代建筑的一种抵制。现代城市建筑就像通过设计而消耗大量能源的玻璃盒子。即使看上去非常漂亮,但却非常不节能。

CH2 is an example of a new movement in architecture called bio-mimicry. This means buildings that mimic nature to reduce their impact on the environment. The idea can be seen as a backlash against modern buildings that can be found in large cities all across the world. The problem with modern city buildings is that they are big glass boxes that burn a lot of energy by design. Even though they often look very beautiful, these buildings are often very inefficient in terms of energy.


The direct link to Jaga:

Jaga 同样关心环境,所以会持续不断地投资于那些能够创造生态友好且高效的产品的研究和开发。由于 LOW-H2O 技术的应用,能耗可减少高达 20%。但是 Jaga 的理念和价值走的更远。我们用可重复使用的可回收材料制作产品,这是为了实现“生态持续”的准则“尊重自然”这一核心价值是公司五大价值观中最重要的一个。因此,Jaga 与市政厅 2 号楼项目的项目便不是偶然了。

Jaga is also concerned about the environment. Therefore Jaga invests continuously in research and development to create eco-friendly and efficient products. Thanks to its low-H2o technology, consumption of energy is reduced with up to 20%. But the philosophy and values of Jaga go deeper than that. We make products from reusable materials that can also be recycled at the end of their life span. This is in order to achieve cradle-to-cradle standards. “Respect nature” is the core value that is being anchored in the corporate philosophy. Therefore it is not by coincidence that Jaga and the CH2 project found each other as partners.

Jaga节能系列 - 低温水技术

Energy savers=Jaga Low H2O


How does it work?


CH2 has been designed to reflect the planet’s ecology, which is an immensely complex system of interrelated components. CH2 comprises many parts that work together to heat, cool, power and water the building, creating a harmonious environment.



Winter Mode


Vertical planting on Green north facade and roof top assists shading, glare + air quality. Access to nature enhances productivity by relieving stress.


Light shelfs and balcony floors provide horizontal shading from northern sun. Ambient and direct day light bounces off external and internal light shelf.


On the south facade landscape planting to the window mullions helps reduce city glare.


Heated water pipes are only required during early winter mornings.


Summer mode:


On the western facade, timber shutters provide full summer shading while still allowing filtered day light and views. Summer terrace is and edge space for thermal buffer, social interaction and vertical circulation.


The east facades bark protects the inner facade from direct exposure by the elements. Fresh air naturally ventilates the toilets.


High level ceiling exhaust ensures complete emptying of warm air in ceiling spaces.


In the cellar a multi-water treatment plant will harvest water from the sewer nearby.


Day mode:


Roof top energy includes photovoltaic cells, solar hot water panels, a gas-fired co-generation plant and wind powered turbines. The turbines generate electricity during the day.


100% outside air supply via vertical ducts deliver air floor by floor to sealed access floor plenum.


Fresh air flows at low speed through controllable floor vents. High level ceiling exhaust ensures complete emptying of warm air in ceiling spaces. Occupants experience ‘coolth’ by radiating heat to chilled ceilings overhead.

在南立面,气流和水流从喷流塔喷流而下,为建筑提供冷水和冷气流,冷水用以预冷顶棚回 水,冷气流用以补充地上一层的制冷及零星的制冷需求。水被送回相变设备再冷却。

Air and water falls down the shower towers on the south facade to provide cool water for building reticulation and cool air to supplement ground and retail cooling. Water is piped to phase change plant fore-cooling.


Night mode:


During the night purge windows open automatically so that cool night air cools down the internal space.


Heat build up in the concrete ceilings from the day's activities is removed by the cool night air.


The turbines assist night purge ventilation by drawing air from individual floors through north ducts.



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